apple challah season

when the going gets tough, the tough…bake. and tonight, i have outdone myself. i have baked an apple-filled challah that kicks serious tuchas.

whenever we go to club med, i could care less about the food. french night? feh. seafood night? does nothing for me. but what is the big payoff for me? the bread. the people who bake the bread there are people to be worshipped. every morning, there is fresh bread — challah stuffed with chocolate (i opt for dark – there’s also white, but why waste your time with white chocolate when life is short?), bread stuffed with bananas, lovely whole wheat, bread with cheese in it, croissants, etc. i don’t really need to eat anything else at breakfast — give me a nice hunk of bread and a cup of tea and i am thrilled beyond belief.

i’ve always vowed to bake something as good. it has taken me awhile to get it right. but tonight, i have mastered the challah that has some fresh apple filling (made from a few of the 45 pounds of apples we picked last weekend out in purcellville) i made.

tomorrow may not be a stellar diet day 😉


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