this week in bloodland

when we last left our hero (read: me), she had intrepidly given blood in order to allow the immunologist in scenic bethesda check on her antibody production.

update: the blood came back. (ew. i mean, the report came back.) in short: my lymphocytes are good, but i am low on antibodies for the representative and collective yuckiness known as diptheria, tetanus, and pneumococcus (spelling, anyone?). this may just be because i am in need of booster shots (yay?) or because, in fact, i stink at creating antibodies. because just throwing me on IViG (read: gammaglobulin) would negate any ability to tease this info out; and since i am not currently in an acutely bad state (read: in the hospital and in danger), we are taking the time to find out.

thus, in a measure that will make my kids laugh at me (and probably make me cry), i have to go get booster shots for DT and pneumoccocus (the pneumonia stuff) next week. (i feel so young again.) then, in a few weeks, we get to repeat the blood tests and find out whether i am maintaining a good level of antibodies (yay!) or whether i continue to display crappy antibody production (boo!) if the latter, then i am potentially a candidate for gammaglobulin for eons to come, which really bites. if the former, it might just be that i am low on one of the immunoglobulins (IGa, for you trivia buffs out there), in which case, maybe, just maybe, i can join one portion of the population who are naturally low in IGa (and who, i’m sure, taste like chicken πŸ˜‰ and are just quite a sickly crew. no treatment; no answers; just punt, i guess.

to boot, i also need my flu shot. my brother recommended that BC NOT do the flu mist, as the live vaccine might be dangerous to me. darn; i told her that we’d try the mist this year — last year, several nurses, a doctor, and i couldn’t pull her out from under the doctor’s desk. (i don’t think she’ll be getting the shot this year, either, huh.)

points will be deducted from anyone who makes any “shot in the arm” jokes in my presence πŸ˜‰


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