take THAT, you evil monster

::doing happy dance::
204, 204, my platelets are kicking ass, 204, i’m still in remission, i’m still in remission, 204, 204!

i’ve been so incredibly upset for the past week or so. i’ve been feeling a little off, and it didn’t help that i was taking an antibiotic that was probably giving me an allergic reaction. finally, i took DH’s advice and decided to move up my hematology appointment. i was a bit nervous, but it is much better to face stuff and get it over with than to sit and stew about it. or, as tom petty always sings, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

so i went. i always park around the corner of the hospital (it galls me to pay $4 every time i go there, and i don’t mind the hike, anyway). i generally am looking at the ground when i walk; i’ve been this way since high school, i think. dunno why. i don’t really think it’s a self-esteem issue as much as it is a poor posture issue. anyway, as i was walking and looking down, i found a penny, heads up. a good luck penny. these days, i take my lucky signs as i find them. and since my platelets have been on a nosedive for the past few months; and since last month, i was only 1K above normal, i needed all the luck i could get.

so the lab tech drew my blood and took my vitals and walked out. because i am such a cheery person, i was busy reading a pamphlet on a conference about all the magical things they can do with stem cells. i don’t travel in those oncological circles (mercifully), but i guess i am always a little fascinated by that stuff. when BC was born, i donated her stem cells to an NIH project. they told me that while they couldn’t guarantee i would ever get her exact stem cells, they would rustle some up for us right quick should anyone in our family ever need them. (here’s hoping we don’t.) but i liked the fact that while we were being blessed with a healthy baby, someone else out there might be blessed with a chance at some good health. (i absolutely do not get those people who plant the placenta after their child is born. what the hell do they think will happen – a placenta tree? eww. and what a waste when so many people might actually benefit from this stuff.) so i was reading and reading until the tech came in.

“got your results here.” i took the now-familiar paper from her hands. “you got some good numbers today!” she said.

i burst into tears. i hugged her. 204 rocks. i mean, super-collosal, better than fresh-air-through-your-hair-while-you-ride-a-cantering-horse-on-a-caribbean-isle-travel-commercial rocks. i was still crying when katrina, the nurse practitioner, walked in. she hadn’t seen my yellow paper yet and was worried that the shit had hit the fan. i assured her, it hadn’t. these were happy tears. this is a hematology/oncology office, so she was thrilled to have some happy tears. i bet they don’t get a lot of them in there.

our theory is that while my strep isn’t related to my platelets, perhaps my body had been weakened by fighting the strep, which, in turn, knocked my platelets around. anyway, next week, i get to see an immunologist in bethesda. that should be a kick in the ass.

but today, i feel pretty damn invincible. like play-the-lottery invincible. and nothing, and nobody, will take that away from me.

i’m superchick.


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