mystery solved

i hate cliffhangers. i really do. and i don’t like to leave people hanging. so, in deference to the two people who read this 😉 (and i know you’re out there somewhere, as i can see statistics on the left-hand-side that shows that someone is out there besides the usual suspects), here’s the continued joy that is my life.

1) DH just came home from work sick. hello, single parenthood.

2) Apparently, i have strep based on a culture from the Dr’s office.

3) oh. remember that little phone call i missed yesterday? the one that caused me to cry, whine, and eat massive quantities of guittards milk chocolate chips, throwing caution to the wind and weight watchers points out the window? well, i was right. that lovely nurse practitioner was calling not to tell me that she loved me but that two of my three immunoglobulins are low. as my brothuh-the-doctuh points out, 1/3 of the population is low in one of them (IGA), and the other one (IGG) is low but not as low as his was, making a comparison of his condition not quite appropriate with mine). one (IGM) is normal — hey, that’s a positive!

yep, it’s a hap-hap-happy day around here. i’ll be visiting an immunologist in bethesda who specializes in autoimmune diseases on oct. 12. it was nice that the receptionist really tried to fit me in as quickly as she could, though parking is apparently a nightmare there (as she tells me). i can hardly wait. oh well. as long as i get home in time to pick up the wee bairn…

so, what’s a girl to do? well, tomorrow is jools’ last day at his old beloved school, so i am baking homemade chocolate chip cookies and making a CD of his greatest hits to give to all of his teachers.

here’s hoping i actually spare some of that cookie dough.


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