out of the blue and into the deep-end

lots has happened since i last watched blue’s clues. for one thing, nerdy-but-hot steve has been replaced by his dorkier brother, joe. blue, once a pup who merely barked, now actually speaks. what next, the apocalypse? anyway, this morning, we watched blue’s baby brother. blue went searching for her baby brother and found him, a spotted puppy named sprinkles.

throughout the whole thing, though, i had the weirdest feeling i was listening to tommy. the whole “i got spots” music, combined with the whole “welcome to puppyland” sounded like someone fell asleep listening to pete townshend and woke up and wrote the soundtrack. even the drum roll at the very end sounds like moonie was present.

then again, i probably could do with more sleep.


One Response to “out of the blue and into the deep-end”

  1. […] say, music in kids cartoons is becoming increasingly sophisticated. i once swore, for example, that a special episode of blues clues sounded like a takeoff of the who’s tommy. and the international super spy show of the […]

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