the passion of the gibson

if you’ve got good eyes, this pdf of a police report is fun family entertainment from my favorite Hollywood zealot, mel gibson. if you’re eyes aren’t so great, you can just check in numerous places, like this great Washington Post column by Eugene Robinson.

mr. robinson’s column hits a home run, in my book. alcohol releases opinions that must be already present in a person; a person doesn’t magically become anti-semitic, or homophobic, or racist simply because he is drunk. gibson is an anti-semitic thug, and what is scary is not that we allow him to create films that promote this hatred, but rather that a lot of people out there take these films as the gospel truth: as if jews were and are hook-nosed shylocks who are out to destroy christians and others. religion can be a great enlightener, but religion can also tether you to opinions and ideas that are truly abhorrent.

it is very difficult being a jew and watching the middle east unfold. i’m not sure what lebanon expected when it permitted terrorists to become sanctioned members of their government. yes, it’s their country, and they are entitled to run it as they see fit. but there are always consequences. (cut to the half-wit running the US at present.) even though i’m sure not all lebanese voted for the hezbollah folks, just as not all of us voted for Dubya, we all are mired in some awful consequences, just the same. i imagine that if canada allowed terrorists interested in the dissolution of the US in their parliament, the US would probably sit up and take notice. and israel, being a country surrounded by potentially hostile groups, noticed the hezbollah.

that being said, i’m not exactly comfortable with the israeli response. there’s this little precedent out there of little provocation resulting in a huge, full-scale war. it’s called iraq. nevertheless, richard cohen’s Washington Post column notes that this was not a little provocation but perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s back. i’m really torn apart by this whole mess.  what pisses me off most about the whole middle east is that any voices of moderation are drowned out. this whole experience will set us all back years… if we all live through it.

but back to mr. mel. ABC has cancelled plans to do a miniseries with him; an agent has called upon hollywood to boycott him. frankly, the dude brings in huge bucks, so i don’t see that any of this will make a dent on his life. sure, he’ll go into rehab, get that drinking thing under control so that he keeps his malevolent opinions to himself and only lets those ugly themes slip surreptitiously into his work. but work he will. because there are so many people still in the world who believe such evil trash.

Note to Mel: jews didn’t cause WW2. we didn’t ask to be tortured, gassed, torn asunder. oh, and the crusades? wasn’t us, either.


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