sick about it

i have links to my kids’ pix in my flickr account. and i have linked to several of these pix in this blog. however, something happened today which made me pull things down and lock things up.

see, yesterday, i posted pix from the 4th of july, including my dear boy in his new big-boy-pants. being a mom, i didn’t think twice about these photos; mostly my parents and some friends look at them. anyway, while there were a few noted downloads of all the pictures, there were 45 downloads of mr. man in his undies in one day. clearly, there are some sick fuckers out there.

i actually took that picture and deleted it from flickr. the others are now only available to friends and family. if you are in that latter category and would like to be able to see the photos when you come here and click on links, you know how to find me. i’ll be delighted to grant you access.

lord. there are some truly sad people out in the world.


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