independence day

the kids are attempting naps at the moment in the hopes that they’ll be awake for 4th of july fireworks. hopefully, it won’t monsoon and preempt the light show tonight (although i for one would be perfectly happy settling in to WETA and watching taped festivities.) they are being separated by DH as we speak, as they are too excited to be in the same room together. at least BC put a pull-up on jools before they tried to nap together. the girl is smart.

but if we don’t get to see the fireworks, it won’t be a total loss (except to jools, who has been jonesing for them since he first saw them last july 4th). today, we set out early and snagged a space under a tree on the median of macarthur blvd in order to see the annual palisades 4th of july parade. and you know, this ain’t no typical smalltown usa sort of shindig, either. we watched the Different Drummers march (they played showtunes, of course), we watched some wonderful Bolivian children and teens dance, we saw very old firetrucks (from 1905), horses, lots of convertibles.

and we met every single candidate for council and mayor there ever was.

adrian fenty shook my hand and BC’s; and it seems as if every single other candidate was busy throwing candy and ice pops and stickers at the children (though one, a guy named orange, was also giving out actual oranges and orange bracelets). when fenty’s folks made a reappearance, they were throwing green mardi gras beads at us. (i was praying that BC wasn’t going to have to lift up her shirt to get the necklace. she certainly nearly ended up under the wheels of several convertibles trying to get candy. yes, my BC would probably sell me for candy.) BC covered jools’ shirt with campaign stickers.

of course, we aren’t DC citizens (neither were the marylanders standing behind us), so we smiled and waved at mostly everyone (except the republicans, who are like a laughable endangered species in DC.) we all cheered for the servicemen from the DC National Guard, of course. we folks of the liberal persuasion hate the war, but we do care for the men and women who are being hung out to dry in iraq by that fuckwitted man we have in the oval office.

but it’s independence day, and while i want to always exercise my right to flap my vitriol at elected leaders who aren’t fit to wipe my ass, i should probably tone things down to happier ideas. george washington. flags. the idiots here in the south who are allowed to play with their own fireworks and blow out an eye. yep. that’s what the 4th of july is all about.

perhaps one of the best points was when my little potty-training-dude had to go, just before the parade started. there is one, only one singular place open along the parade route to pee: starbucks. and yes, every potty training child in a three mile radius was waiting for that single bathroom. it wasn’t pretty. but i am very proud to state that jools made it 🙂

i hope we make it to fireworks. this patriotic stuff is so gol-darned fun.


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