keeping your solar plexus happy

back in march, when i was in the throes of battling ITP, BS gave me a wonderful birthday present: a gift certificate for the “a day in paris” spa package at Fountains Day Spa. it was a hopeful gift, one that i knew i would one day be able to use when i was feeling better. and today was that day 🙂 i spent 4.5 hours at this sweet little rowhouse south of old town, mostly in the company of the owner, a lady named suzanne. i was lined up for an aromatherapy massage, a facial, lunch, and a pedicure/reflexology session.

suzanne knows feet. (and no, i am not a foot fetishist.) she specializes in reflexology. it all started when she was a child in south africa and she rubbed her pregnant mother’s feet. during my 80 minute aromatherapy massage, she helped me understand places on the feet and their correlation with the rest of the body. you should know that my feet show that i am a very powerful person (but rest assured – the way that my big toes point indicate that i wield my power with compassion. i bet in DC, she sees an abundance of obnoxious feet.) i’m also apparently a very artistic person, but with a certain shyness about it (probably the reason why i rarely show anything i write to anyone for years 😉

since my right side and left side have been rendered weak since my hospital stay, i have had meds, i have had PT, i have had MRIs, and nothing is providing lasting strength. suzanne did a lot of work on my medians, and i actually feel pretty good (even though some of the work hurt like hell.) in doing her work, she was a little astonished that one side of my back was extremely warm (right) and one cold (left.) apparently, i have plenty of toxins in me that need to be released; toxins hang out on the right side and exit on the left.

my first bit of homework: ditch the antiperspirant. apparently, deodorant is no biggie, but we need to sweat to release the toxins. if we don’t release them through our pits, then the body finds other ways and places — some people sweat in their faces, some in other skin folds, etc. and when it gets backed up in you, havoc is wreaked. (i had to say that.) i’m supposed to massage my armpits and my groin in the shower to keep the toxins moving.

(if my mother is reading this, don’t worry, mom, i am not massaging my groin 😉

when she worked on my front (that sounds sordid, i realize), suzanne first went and put her arms under my shoulders. “you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, don’t you?” she said. she could feel my stress, and that energy made her momentarily ill.  (yes. i have the energy to poison a very happy healer.) but then, she got to my solar plexus. “Wow! you have a very, very joyous solar plexus. you must be a very joyful person, a person who feels very lucky.” boy, did she ever hit that on the money. BS and my friend jax both are of the opinion that if i fall in a vat of shit, i come up with flowers. (i don’t think either realizes how many times i come up with just shit.) neither realizes that i have always had a carpe diem attitude since i was 15 and nearly lost my mom to cancer. anyway, it was really neat to be someone so connected to touch. despite my health problems, she said that i actually felt like a very healthy person, a person whose body is just trying to right itself after some major illness. i’ve got a great pair of lungs (think that’s the first time a woman ever told me that), a back that is a little too curved for its own good (“but strong!”), and the ability to actually breathe properly (thanks to years of breathing training when i played flute.)

basically, all systems are go 🙂

a guy named francis did my facial. he is also a movie fan, so we traded quotes from “fast times at ridgemont high.” after the fairly ethereal conversations i had before this, it was pretty funny to be laying on a chair, face covered with goo, imitating jeff spicoli (sean penn) saying, “no shirt. no shoes? no dice!”

[fret not, gentle reader. i refrained from saying “lighten up, francis.”]


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