the mad tea party

we’ve been reading the american girls felicity series, BC and i; and in the last one we read, felicity learns how to serve tea. (or something like that.) rather than picking up on the message that little girls in 1774 weren’t allowed to go to school, BC grabbed hold of the idea that it would be lovely to learn how to serve tea.

so much for feminism 😉

anyway, jools, BC and i went to the farmer’s market this morning. besides the temper tantrums, the need to find a bathroom where there wasn’t one in a 2 mile radius (unless you purchased food, which i ultimately did at what turned out to be a very nice little coffee shop), and the “mama, it’s hot, i want to go home”s, we ended up with some lovely basil, some chocolate mint, fresh tomatoes, apples, mozzarella, and beef.

if i were one of those bloggers who obsesses about photographing food, then i would show a picture of the lovely tea i brewed with the mint and some honey. but i’m not. i’m one of those bloggers who chooses, instead, to obsess over my kids.

so there.

and there.

and you musn’t forget that, too.

once we broke out of our diabetic comas (thanks to all that sugar that jools poured into tea already sweetened with honey), we decided it was a lot of fun. and BC loved cleaning her little tea pot and accoutrements.

okay, okay. so feminism took one for the team. tomorrow, i’ll teach her how to burn bras, despite the fact that she doesn’t wear one. yet.


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