next year in jerusalem. or the Y. i care not.

jools’ birthday party was sunday. i don’t which was the greater challenge: handling several three year olds in my home, or handling one 40-something-grouch who wanted to apparently clean the house so well prior to the blessed event that he nearly went apoplectic in the process.

but i’ll stick to the party. for now.

six friends ultimately showed up for joolsfest 2006. the theme: firetrucks. i made a big firetruck poster and BC made little wheels for a “pin the wheels on the firetruck game.” i borrowed a few really terrific firetruck-related books from the library to read to the tots. jools, BC, and i painted giant cardboard boxes so that kids might climb in and out of them. too unsure of my baking skills, i bought a fancy cake at el Gigante – no firetrucks, but plenty of regular Tonka trucks on top of the cake. in short, you’d think i was somewhat prepared, in spite of what my husband believed. but for all that effort, i could have simply sat on my ass and picked my nose, for all the kids cared.

newsflash: three year olds are perfectly happy to run around and play with someone else’s toys.

it does make me wonder about all the parents who are hiring birthday party entertainers for the pre-preschooler set.

anywho, the kids had a good time.  i only wish that I took pictures! i was so crazed and involved that i neglected that critical duty. (one more reason I will be in the particular circle of hell reserved for bad moms.) i think its safe to say, though, that jools had a wonderful day. i hope the other kids had fun, too, despite the abandonment of formal party games.

meanwhile, BC is distressed because one of the boys demolished a baby toy of her’s. Mind you, she hasn’t played with that thing in, oh, five years at least; but when she discovered dinosaur heads missing, she wailed for a half hour. (no exaggeration. sadly.) yep. it isn’t a party until something has been broken. i’m not bothered by it, but i’m trying
to frame this episode as a teachable moment for her – “things are replaceable, people aren’t.”

the YMCA is looking real good for next year’s fete.


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