one more sign that i’m a working mother

thanks to my never-ending juggling act (at which i apparently suck), there are many casualties in my refrigerator. exhibit a: several different reusable tubs (actually, reused takeaway containers) of leftovers which have seen better days. there are carrots returning to the earth.  there is even a jar of mango chutney which i think has been around longer than Hellboy, who will turn three the end of this month.

but here’s my biggest contribution to food science:

drum roll, please…

i’ve found two unopened containers of breakstone sour cream. both expired about two months ago. now, if sour cream already starts out sour, what happens when it goes past it’s expiration date? does it get sour-er?

[Note to self: no one will ever confuse you with a domestic goddess.]


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