sturm and drang in the 1st grade

BC just figured out that one of her little friends, a girl whose birthday is about a week before her own, did not invite her to her birthday party, even after we invited her to BC’s. i had to take the moral high road on this one publicly: “well, honey, maybe she had a very expensive birthday party where she could only invite one or two friends…?” how else can you explain why someone who plays with you every day neglects to invite you to a birthday party? i’m frankly otherwise mystified why this happened unless the little girl secretly loathes BC. i mean, i happen to even know the parent casually, so i’m really surprised at any other reason other than expense.

and yet you can’t be rude and confront the issue.

these are things that make me crazy. see, i’m one of those head-on, straight-on, let me have it, good or bad, so i can move on with my life type of people. i hate game-playing; i am not exactly great at feigning coy politeness. one of my best friends and i to this day have a tough time talking about her dating ideology, as she believes in The Rules, whereas i just can’t imagine anything that isn’t basic and direct. so of course, i want to know why a parent would help to ensure that right now, at this moment, my kid is a sad little tomato. if there were months in between the two parties, then i would understand; i mean, shit happens. kids fall out. whatever. but one mother slipped when talking with me about BC’s party: “wow, it’s the same day as X’s party… oh, but it is a different time, so it should be okay.” i just smiled and bit my tongue

the best part of it: this same child invited another child to BC’s birthday party. essentially.

so i have to keep my mouth shut. get over it. all that. but you know what? first graders aren’t restricted by the same rules of etiquette that bind an old mama like me. i mean, this other child, when inviting another child (who came) to BC’s birthday party, said, “BC will give you an invitation soon.” so when discussing the issue, i said to BC: “hey. you know, you can ask her why you weren’t invited to her birthday party.”

or, from where i come from, turnabout is fair play.


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