life is unfair

two weeks ago, my kids had fifth disease. this week, my kids had hand, foot and mouth.

now, i have 102.7F and feel like crap. i attended a meeting by phone this morning because i felt like i was once again the human impediment if i didn’t. i hope i made sense.

but i have no sick leave. i have no annual leave. i have no mommy leave. i have to laugh because i have a friend who feels very indignant about the fact that her annual leave has been eaten up by family crises. like annual leave should only be for fun days off. i wish i could scream into her ear — annual leave is for the days when you must take time off. if it means its glorified sick leave, then so be it. her sense of divine entitlement shakes me to the core.

here’s hoping i start to sweat soon.


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