there she goes again…

BC somehow managed to attract every mosquito within a 1 mile radius between the time she walked from our front door to the moment she closed the car door. by that time, she had at least 10 angry mosquito bites, and they looked itchy as hell. the four of us then started our daily drive in to work/camp/day care, and this lovely little chat, worthy of one of those Reader’s Digest columns, took place.

BC: mama, why do i get so many mosquito bites?

Me: because, honey, you are so very sweet!

BC thinks a little.

BC: mama, how come they don’t bite dada?

Me: because he isn’t so sweet.

(BS grimaces.)

BC thinks some more.

BC: mama, how come they bite you?

Me: because i am so sweet, too!

BC pauses.

BC: you know, maybe we should stop eating so much junk food?


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