ask a silly question…

BC: momma, where do you park a love car?

Me: (not knowing where this is leading or what a love car is, but realizing we just read the book “Wig,” a very silly children’s book that is an illustrated book set to the B-52s song): i don’t know, honey. where do you park a love car?

BC (spoken like barry white) : in the loooooooooove parking lot, mama!

i don’t know what that means, but i nearly fell off BC’s bed when she said that.

in other news, BS is sick. basically, we got home, he went upstairs, and that is pretty much all i’ve seen of him. i am currently living a glamorous life. i am cleaning poopy baby clothing (someone had a blowout this morning that covered him, literally from head to toe, in poop — and apparently, he had another one at school. joy.) i am doing dishes. i am ordering water filters for our system – apparently, we have lead in our water system, just like DC. i meant to do this a month ago, but today’s washington post was definitely a kick in the pants.


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