yes, as a matter of fact, i want a medal

caution: bitter woman alert

last tuesday night/wednesday a.m., my baby jools went to the ER and was diagnosed with RSV. BS took him because i spent the evening throwing up, thanks to the stomach flu.

wed night/thurs am, BC as BS started throwing up at 11pm thanks to the stomach flu. jools threw up his antibiotic at midnight. i spent a few hours running between BC, who couldn’t stop barfing, and jools, who couldn’t breathe well despite two neb treatments and who was having a fever. at one point, i was trying to hold down the mask on jools’ face while holding a bucket under BC. it was surreal. at 4, i took jools to the ER for dehydration and trouble breathing again. his temp was 105.2F.

thurs nite, jools was admitted to the hospital for RSV treatment. i spent thurs night there; BS spent fri nite there as i had literally had 4 hours of sleep in the prior, er, i don’t know, 72 hours maybe? jools luckily got out of the hospital late sat nite. (the baby with whom we shared a room last night was in there for 3 weeks; i think we’ll fare much better.) what i will do once jools is out of the hospital, i don’t know, as if he is in a weakened state, he can’t go to daycare. i guess i have to figure this one out, too. in the meantime, hopefully, jools will get some rest.

what really struck me after this episode is how very alone we are down here. there is no one to help us in this sort of situation – just BS and me. and if BS is out of commission, like the other night, it is all down to me. there’s no one to buy food or make dinner/lunch/etc, no one to watch a kid, no one to let us nap. and now that we may be facing a few weeks at home, we have no choice but to beg our respective supervisors to let us work partial weeks to help each other out.

welcome to parenthood, indeed.


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  1. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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