you can't go home again. ever.

“i went back to ohio but my city was gone.” – chrissie hynde

i lived at Club Mel for most of my legal (and not-so-legal) years at Rutgers. i loved begging baldy matt pinfield (aka mr. former MTV VJ, now A&R man) to play non-stop smiths songs as well as new order.

my brother has been in robert wood johnson hospital since early december. when planning to come visit him, i talked with my older brother about posibly taking the train to ‘brumfis. “do you know how to get to the hospital from the train station?” he asked me.

“shit,” i answered. “i walked that way drunk most weekend nights.” 😉

in short, i am crushed. not surprised, but crushed, nonetheless.

Former tavern razed

Published in the Home News Tribune 1/13/04

NEW BRUNSWICK: The former Melody Bar, a local live-music landmark, was
unceremoniously razed last week as part of a plan to expand the adjacent science high school. Demolition of the French Street club, which has been closed since 2001, began Jan. 5 and was completed Wednesday, said city spokesman Michael Drulis. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital owns the property, which will be developed by the city’s Board of Education to expand the New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School, said hospital spokesman John Patella.
The Melody Bar’s demolition was expected since former owners Steve Flaks and Cal Levine sold the club to the hospital in July 2001 for $500,000. But Superintendent of Schools Ronald F. Larkin was surprised yesterday to hear the bar had been recently razed.
“That’s great news,” said Larkin, noting plans for the school’s expansion had been dormant for a while. “We’ll put it on the front burner now.” The expansion plan, as discussed by school officials a year ago, included a rise in enrollment from 160 to 200 students, two science labs, two classrooms, a larger cafeteria and more administrative office space. After buying the bar in 1981, the Melody’s former owners transformed a neighborhood hang-out into a club that became an integral part of the city’s cultural revival. Its reputation for cutting-edge music spread as far as Europe.


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