G-d Bless Sir Spandex

i start my new job on the 17th. the job looks challenging. i’ll work four days/week – which is considered part time, believe it or not. today i was out shopping, as i do not own work clothes that actually fit me; and i saw a thousand chubby-cheeked babies shopping with their mamas. all i could think was – am i making a colossal error by going back to work? i was missing drooly jools terribly. he of the squash-messed face. (he ate his first non-cereal food last night – squash – and he loved it.)

i am actually enjoying jools’ babyhood a whole lot more than i enjoyed BC’s. true, jools is a poor weight gainer and has reflux to beat the band. and he is going for that MRI next week to boot. but i am so much more relaxed about all of this trauma. you see, i have seen this movie already, and i know how it ends.

it ends with a skinny but very healthy and delightful child.

with BC, i was so stressed that i ended up with shingles. it was horrible – my doctor says it was the second worse case he has seen in his career. i really didn’t start enjoying her i think until nearly her 2nd year. it is a pity, too – she is such a delight, and it makes me sad to think that i will probably not look very fondly upon her first year on earth. so i have been working to make up for it ever since.

in other news, nothing fits. i have developed a new appreciation for lycra/spandex. whoever invented it should be knighted.


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