i know, i know

i am not supposed to be online. i am not supposed to even be upright. but daytime TV is abominable. yesterday, i was lucky that the History Channel (AKA the World War II channel) had lots of programs about the history of food and food-related products. So i can share with you the history and development of the drive-in window, how McDonalds french fries are made, the story about coke, pepsi, hershey’s, and chef boyardee, just to name a few. (i remember my gram actually pointing out people in her building who apparently owned chef boyardee, so who knows – maybe i met the italian cook once. whoopee.)

anyway, it is making me crazy being like this. it isn’t like i don’t like relaxation. i just loathe it when everything falls on poor BS’s head. he has to do all of his stuff, all of my stuff, and then some. he has school. it looks like this morning, BC has a sore throat. we took her temp and it is only 99.3. she is perky otherwise, so we are giving school a try. but mark my words – i bet she has strep again. when it rains, it pours.

my goal is to keep BS from imploding. having him do everything does not help me relax one iota. it stresses me out beyond belief. if i thought the baby needed more time growing inside me, i guess i would understand this exercise a bit better. but all i see is an exercise in futility that is going to leave me and my husband exhausted before the real exhaustion begins.


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