one way ticket to palookaville

i just returned back from a lovely morning hooked up to a fetal monitor. my blood pressure has been going kablooey over the weekend, and so this morning, i thought it best to visit my friendly neighborhood OBs. my pressure, which has been picture-perfect throughout my pregnancy, was up to 150 over 90 this morning, so i ended up getting hooked up to a machine. baby is fine (though the stinker decided to make it tough for the nurse to find him, which scared me for a few minutes until we found him and his heartbeat), and after a half an hour in the dark visualizing the ocean (yes, that’s what i do when my blood pressure goes up), my pressure was down to a respectable 120 over 80. they took blood, as they found a little protein going on in me, and sent me home with a big old lecture not to wait all weekend but to call them if ever i have any problems. and they sent me home on bedrest.

now, bedrest sounds like a dream to the unitiated, but i basically have to lie on my side and not get up except to visit the loo and to shower. i don’t know how women do this for months at a clip. the thought of the added pressure this puts on the rest of the family does not escape me, and that bums me out quite a bit. not to mention that daytime TV really stinks. if all goes well, i will go in on friday and get re-evaluated and see whether they need to induce me or let nature continue taking its proverbial course.

so please note – i will likely be a bit scarce. so you guys behave out there; and if you don’t, make sure you tell me good stories so i can live vicariously through you 😉


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