too funny

with apologies to my friend, jacks, who hopefully doesn’t mind that i am posting this. (if you do, let me know, and it will vamoose.)

at epcot center/disneyworld, there is a science ride complete with a floaty purple dragon named figment. figment tries to get scientist john cleese to use his imagination. (get it? figment? imagination? har har. okay, no one is allowed to slap the pregnant chick. i am not a disney imagineer.)

anyway, jacks tells me this: today, her darling 3.5 year old daughter brought over her old purple stuffed dragon animal and said: “look mommy! just like at disneyworld! it’s fuckwit!”

it just doesn’t get any funnier than that. although maybe i should wash my mouth (and jacks’) out with some soap, i guess 😉


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