"i believe in peace, bitch."

there are all sorts of aircraft and military thingies protecting our area today. there is a high-level terror alert going on. yesterday, BC and i went to get more water for our emergency stash, since we haven't updated it in about a year. the supermarkets were cleared out. i suppose in a dire emergency, we could somehow tap the water tank. BC walked into Eckerds and was able to get three bottles. i guess it is all in the timing.

before he left, i reminded BS that BC's safety was his job #1. i could give a shit about his work; this child is waay more important than anything he has to do. he of course knows this, so my saying it isn't a revelation to him. his office is by the stairwell that leads right to her school, he assured me. i know that if anything were to happen, he would be there in a new york second. but i am still so worried. i have to go downtown today, too, for BC's school board meeting. i am not overjoyed by this prospect, but i also know that we have to keep living our lives or else terrorists win. i will drive to union station, pick up some burritos, and, if the weather cooperates, i might walk over to the building. i just don't feel like hopping on the metro today, and Lord knows i need the exercise anyway.

all i keep hearing in my head, over and over, albeit in an out of context way, is tori amos singing: “i believe in peace, bitch. i believe in peace.” so many of us do. pity so many don't. i wonder how they sleep.


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