on the happier front…

went to the OB this morning. i gained 2 pounds. whoopee! i haven't been this happy about gaining weight, ever. and it never was hard before this. ::sigh:: anyway, i heard this guy's heartbeat again and told the doctor about how i felt him – about 2 weeks ago, for the first time. i was at my parents' house, and BC was sitting in my lap. we were reading a story. suddenly, i think she must have sat on the baby, because i felt this push, as if he was screaming “get the hell OFFA me!” it was pretty funny, one of those jokes that only you can get because only you can feel it happening.

i told my OB this. i also told me of how this pregnancy is different from my first. how i hate food.

“how much weight did you gain with the first pregnancy?” he asked.

“35 pounds.”

“a girl, huh?” he said.

“yep,” i replied.

he scratched his head and smiled. “boy, you're gonna have FUN with THIS one,” he said, laughing. “he's gonna be a tough cookie.”

joy to the world.

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