bird is the word

well, gee whilickers. i was taking a nap this afternoon when i was awakened by a “chirp chirp chirp.” it seems that beauty, the bird of unknown lineage (is he a parakeet? who knows) is going to spend christmas in my house.

beauty is a guy bird. he was named by the 3-year-olds in miss cindy's class at BC's school. seems miss cindy forgot to see whether someone could house beauty during the holiday season. apparently, a soft-hearted BS agreed. so now we have this little blue chirping machine in our house. i felt obligated to keep him company for about a half hour, and then i decided, ah, he probably would revel in peace and quiet. i mean, if you had 10 3-year-olds talking, screaming, and sticking fingers in your cage every day, you would probably like some peace, too.


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