in other news

the house still smells like PORK.

P U! How do you people EAT that sort of thing and not vomit immediately afterward? it is a dirty animal that is loaded with all sorts of nasty bacteria. nasty, stinky, pork!

i woke up last night in the middle of the night and STILL smelled it. we tried opening windows, putting on fans, and still — the whole freaking house has that rancid, porky smell. BS has already apologized — of his own volition, i might add — twice. he has also suggested i bake bread to help cover the smell. as if anything will ever cover that rank, disgusting, putrid smell. as if i might even EAT bread that might have that gross odor attached to it. scented candles, anyone?

and its only about a week since i can handle most smells without barfing. (and yes, i barfed this morning.) boy, this might set me back a week. grrrr.

we have had a house rule that has worked for now, say, nearly 13 years: when i am not home, you can eat pork. i don't want to see it, smell it, or experience the realization that it has touched my pots, pans or dishes. on holidays, BS is entitled to make bacon — somehow, smoked bacon does not bother me so much (probably because i could SWEAR my grandpa sometimes made it when i was young – i don't know why but i think that is true.) and, of course, BS is entitled to have ham as luncheon meat – that doesn't smell, so i can ignore it safely. but no pork cooking when i am around. somehow, BS lost his head last night and heated up his leftovers from last week. BC helped me hide upstairs in the evening from the smell. but we couldn't escape for long.

“mommy,” BC said, “daddy porked the house.”

i couldn't have said it better myself.


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