how i spent the first part of my trip to NJ

BC said her throat hurt. she had no temp, so i took her by amtrak up to NJ on tuesday. once there, she spiked a fever and threw up on me twice.

on wednesday, we went to uncle howie's office (my brother is a doctor, and a really good one, to boot), after much trepidation and gnashing of teeth. we got BC there only by telling her we would have a surprise for her afterwards if she would cooperate. she was terrified of getting swabbed, and i think that is why she woke up tuesday night and cried and cried and cried all over me. of course, she had no recollection of throwing up all over me. “mommy,” she asked, “what happened to your pajama top? how come you're not wearing it?” calgon, take me away.

anyhow, we got her to howie's. she adores him and got all flirty. i thought, terrific, miracle cure in progress. anyway, her ears looked fine (he said he couldn't tell whether the tube was still in the wax). he asked to look in her throat. i told him in advance about how she hates getting swabbed. how she reenacts scenes from The Exorcist when they try to swab her throat at the pediatrician's. she let him look in his throat. he said it was VERY red. he needed to swab it. could he tickle her throat with a Q-tip? No, she replied, and she was pretty adamant. so he told her to put out her hand, and he showed her how it would feel when he “tickled” her throat. she opened her mouth, he did it. no tears. no whining. no nothing. it was a moment in history. linda blair was not in the building.

anyway, he came back a few minutes later and told her that the results were sooo positive, so she was either going to have a baby or had strep 😉 she is on amoxicillin now 3x day.

so basically, we hung out for three days. and as for BC, she now has a stuffed tigger. howie said to her, “you came all the way up from VA to come to the doctors!” BC thought that was the funniest. she is such a giggle girl.

for awhile, she couldn't keep tylenol down, so i had to give it to her via suppositories.

the glamourous life of a mom. suppositories and vomit.

i am sure glad she is doing a LOT better now.


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