t-shirt: <i>i survived BC's 4th Birthday Party!</i>

it snowed pretty heavily here on thursday. of course, BC's 4th Birthday checkup at the pediatrician's was scheduled for thursday, so it was cancelled. those pups require that i schedule about like 3 months in advance, so i am hoping she gets her checkup (and shots) before she hits 5.

on friday, the world resumed some normalcy. most of it, of course. BC's birthday party, complete with 10 kids, assorted parents, my parents, my brother, my aunt, and my 11-year-old niece thrown in for good measure, was to have taken place at a local community center where we attend a playgroup. the room is stocked with all sorts of great things for kids to play with, and i knew exactly what i was going to do there. on friday, though, i learned from the community center's director that they would be closed on saturday due to the snow. thus, we had to contact all party-goers to change the venue to our house. i had to clean, and fast. i also had to wonder how on earth we would fit everyone in here. then, once that was pretty much done, around noon, someone from the Parks and Rec Dept called me to tell me that the center WOULD be open on Saturday.

i contemplated killing myself at that point.

too late to move everyone back again, i reconciled myself to the fact that my house was going to be under seige. and it was. we ended up with 7 kids due to cancellations. the kids trashed my house, the parents hung out, no one wanted to play Simon Says, Hot Potato, or Freeze Dance with me, and we all ate pizza and pepto-bismol-colored Barbie cake.

in short, it seemed to be a success 🙂

if i weren't pregnant, i would be wishing that i could have one of those little drinks with a dinky umbrella in it now.


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