damn mad


who instilled the fear in my daughter that if she doesn’t wear certain things, she will look silly? that if she doesn’t dress just so, people will laugh at her? all i was trying to do was put her warmest things on her so that she could go play in the snow. she didn’t want to wear certain socks; she didn’t want to wear certain clothes. they would make her look silly, she said, and she started to cry. she said people would laugh at her. i told her that it doesn’t make a damn bit of difference what anyone says about how she looks. what is important is that she is happy with herself. and most important at the moment, it is critical that she is dressed warmly. i told her that she is beautiful, and no one can change that.

who the FUCK is making my kid neurotic about how she looks? i swear, if i find out someone is doing this, or making their own kids neurotic and then their kids are sharing that important information with my kid, i am going to go postal. she is fucking 4 years old. barely.she doesn’t need this.


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