why i suck at thanksgiving

1) i burnt the homemade rolls i made. the only one remotely acceptable was the giant dough sculpture BC made. because it was so doughy, it took longer to cook, so it actually cooked up properly.

2) i currently hate all food. thus, everything tasted weird to me.

3) i think i am coming down with something. not directly thanksgiving-related, but it made the day less fun for me.

4) BS cooked the turkey on the grill. it took 4 hours for an 11 pound turkey. i offered to cook it, but he decided to put it on the grill instead, which was nice from the perspective that poultry makes me want to puke these days. but checking on a turkey is no fun, especially when it is outside. (he did a good job, i would like to point out. i didn't eat any, but BC actually complimented the chef.)

next year at Chicken Out. i am not cooking.


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