from the <i>kids say the darndest things</i> department

today, i visited BC's school. this is multicultural month, and so all parents have a day when they have to come in and talk about their family's culture. since we are some of the last parents to do this, we realized that our various cultures had been covered a bunch of ways. i figured we would talk about the music of our cultures. in short, BS taught the kids how to do the arm gestures to “the unicorn song” and i taught the kids to dance a wild hora to some cool klezmer music. it was really fun.

but before this lovely display of culcha, the kids were gathered around BC's teacher, miss naomi. miss naomi was making up a story, asking the kids to fill in blanks a la Mad Libs, to move the story along. thus, we were listening to a story about an evil squid who lived on a purple planet who apparently ate me up. but the best part? miss naomi asked the kids: what is the name of the evil squid? BC's best friend yelled out, “BILLY CARTER!”

you know, i couldn't make this stuff up if i wanted to.


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