i saw my baby today :-)

i just had the CVS test done. it was not fun. i had to have a needle through my abdomen into the uterus. i squeezed BS's hand hard and thought of the ocean. i was supposed to keep breathing through the procedure. it was not easy. the needle wiggled around in my abdomen. in the end, the doctor showed me the villi sample in the needle. joy.

now i am supposed to take it easy for a day or two. minimize stair climbing. no carrying, twisting, turning. stay off my feet. how the hell am i supposed to do that with an almost 4-year-old? we have cupcakes to decorate for her school bake sale tomorrow, you know.

but, on the wondrous side, i saw my baby today. his (no, i don't know gender, i am using the generic HIM/HIS although in my heart, i think he is a boy) heart was beating, he was flipping about like a little fish, and his face? aw. my little alien baby. i am so thrilled. i just hope he stays ok in there.

in two week's time, i will have results. and my due date has been moved up to may 31.

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