burying the lead

halloween has come and gone, and boy, am i glad. it was a great day, to be sure. i went to BC's school, where i helped out all morning with her class, got little people into their halloween costumes, and then walked around during the halloween parade around the building. her teacher was out, and while the sub is perfectly capable, there are little things i know – cos i know most of these kids now for, uh, let's say most of their natural born lives – and i think i helped a little. like when inconsolable leah cried for her mommy, i showed her my pooh bear watch and she smiled and was persuaded to join us playing in the housekeeping section of the room. (you see, i know from waay back that she and i share a love of winnie the pooh.) or when maddie cried because her mommy couldn't come to the parade, she took my hand and walked with me and BC (she's probably BC's very best friend, so she is pretty comfortable with me) and things were ok. i was exceptionally proud of BC. maddie was crying because she didn't have a magic wand. i asked BC, “honey, do you think you could share your magic wand with maddie for a little while?” and without any incident, without another word, BC gave maddie her magic wand. suddenly, all was right with the world.

i am so lucky i can take time like this and experience these things.

meanwhile, BS took time out of work and joined us for the halloween parade. he is such a good dad. we had a funny time, too. back at school, they put on what they thought was a halloween mix, and the kids started to boogie. or, should i say, BC began to shake a tailfeather and some of her friends followed suit. the funniest moment i will ever know is when “soul man” came on (and why is that halloween material? someone let me know) and BC literally danced like dan akroyd and john belushi, doing that goofy running thing. (i did not coach her to do that.) then, when “woolly bully” came on, i told her to put her fingers on either side of her head like sean pean in “fast times at ridgemont high,” and awwwwwaaaay she went. it was hilarious.

this wiped me out.

then, we had to walk around the cul de sac to get our halloween booty. BC was wonderful. she said “trick or treat,” she said “thank you,” she said “happy halloween.” i am so amazed at how poised and well-mannered she can be. of course, she told every single neighbor in our cul de sac that she is going to be a big sister.

THAT made for interesting neighborly chatter.


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