the snipers

in between the glamourous duties of my life (things like cutting 3 weeks' worth of coupons, doing 5 loads of laundry, changing sheets, and other assorted domestic-goddess tasks), i have been riveted by the never-ending reports about the capture of the alleged snipers. i will not believe that these are the guys until all sniper-like shooting stops and these guys are totally caught with the goods, but i am not ashamed to say i have been praying for this capture for weeks.

the fact that some intelligent and intrepid soul stopped to realize that this was a car in question stymies me. i usually have such an incredibly low hope level about people willing to stick their necks out for others. (only because i do and i do and mine gets stepped on or chopped off, every single time.) yet this person did it.

additionally, for some wacky, kooky reason, one of the alleged culprits sought out clergy and talked not only of his recent exploits but of exploits in alabama as well. thank G-d the clergyperson told police. this may be one of the few times i can say i am so glad there are clergy walking the earth.

but if the culprit claimed to be G-d, then why on earth would He need clergy? ok, so i am being a bit cheeky here. but you know, i am so very annoyed by these bastards. i am sure when all is said and done, we will hear about how these poor people were somehow fucked with during their formative years. because someone, somewhere mistreated you in some way during your life, you feel the need to take it out on others. gee, i never got picked to be a popular kid. gee, kids picked on me because i was short/tall/fat/thin/different race/different religion/different planet. etc etc.

boo fucking hoo.

there are millions, probably billions of people who experience this stuff every single fucking day, and somehow, they rise above it. i remember being taunted when i was young because of my religion/ethnicity. i never decided that mass murder or mayhem was a career option for me. why? probably because my parents would have killed me. but seriously, what makes some people rise above these things and others not?

if anyone can recommend a book on that sort of issue, i would be most appreciative.

in the meantime, bully for those who stuck their necks out!


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