i just saw the picture of the woman killed today, and i realize i knew her. i didn't make the initial association when i first heard the name – linda franklin. but i was hoping when i saw the picture — no, that can't be linda from swim class. i ran upstairs to my swim bag where i knew i had her name and phone number. please don't be it, please don't be it. i was literally saying that out loud, over and over.

it was linda from swim class.

i feel sick inside.

linda was a cool chick. she worked for the FBI doing computer security type work, anti terrorist work. we were in a swim class together – water walking – last spring, and she was my walking buddy. many of the women in the class were breast cancer survivors, and she was as well. she had a sensational sense of humor about her cancer, and we really clicked. we talked about breast cancer, about her work (as much as she could tell me, of course) – her work was something i knew would interest BS, and i kept meaning to call her up and try to get together. but life got in my way, and i never got to do that.

i feel sick. and i am merely an acquaintance. g-d knows what her family feels. i read that her husband bent over and tried to shield her body after she was shot.

i have no more words.

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