go jimmy go

jimmy carter wins nobel peace prize.

but seriously, think about it. in my lifetime of living ex-presidents, this is my impression.

*jimmy carter, ex-president, works for peace. he builds houses for homeless people, he nudges nations toward democracy, he tries to better the world. period.

*bill clinton, ex-president, coaches other aspiring politicos and contemplates a talk-show host post.

*george bush, ex-president, whines and whines and whines. and of course bides his time waiting for his son to avenge his humiliation with sadaam hussein.

*ronald reagan, ex-president, makes millions of dollars making speeches and being a pitchman before succumbing to alzheimer's.

*gerald ford, ex-president, plays golf.

*richard nixon, ex-president, spends his life trying to make people like him again after the devastation he wreaked on this nation. oh yeah, and makes millions writing his memoirs.

*too little to remember anything LBJ did, and i think the only other one still alive in the early '70s/late '60s was eisenhower, who didn't do anything in his retirement for the people as far as i am aware.

gee. which one fits your idea of a true patriot and statesman?

no contest.

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