::snort snort::

my old friend (let's call her muffy because i know it would crack her up)who lives in maryland shared some hysterical news today.

muffy: you'll NEVER guess who called our house this morning!
muffy: Helen *#&! Bentley!
muffy: her toilet is broken and she wanted someone named Lisa to help her
me: who is helen bentley?
muffy: the angry old congresswoman who used to smash sony products on the capital lawn
me: oh shit – yeah!
me: i remember now
me: eek
muffy: she's running for county executive or congress or something — she's evil, but now we know why
muffy: cause her toe-lit is broke
me: did you finally tell her she had a wrong number?
muffy: naw it was a message
me: maybe if her toilet was made by sony… 😉
me: [9:07 AM]: it would FREAKIN WORK BETTER


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