disco in my own home

i am all set. i have the murphy's oil soap. i have a new gator mop. and, to boot, it is dark out thanks to the impending storm. so, little miss off-sense-of-humor has decided to put on a disco CD that my big brother made for me and clean the wood flooring in the house.

all i need is a mirror ball and i am all set.

one observation, though. when it was hip, i hated disco. i was one of those “disco sucks” people. over time, though, i realize that disco was certainly a big chunk of my formative years, and G-d knows how many of these songs are now being sampled. i was never keen on the song “staying alive” (i preferred “night fever” actually), but listening to the guitar riff throughout the song (and you do know what i mean unless you were born post 1977), i am actually a bit impressed. that is one seriously clever riff.

ok, enough avoidance. i am off to clean. please pray for me. or knock on wood.

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