uh oh

beware of jokes you make at your child's expense. they will boomerang right back in your face 😉

when i was little, i watched a lot of the tv show The Flying Nun. hence, one day, when i was helping BC take over her t-shirt so we could get her in her jammies, a name was born. the neck on this shirt was a little tight, and when i had it around her head, it looked like a nun's habit. i started yelling, “sister bertrille, sister bertrille!” it continued – every time that happened, i yelled it and laughed.

tonight, an older, nearly butt-nekkid, (and evidently wiser) BC took her shirt off to “habit”-level, and started exclaiming “sister bertrille, sister bertrille!” as she ran down the hall.

boy, i am gonna swing for this.


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