Grrr. Best Buy!

you know, i used to wonder why charlie brown would continue to let lucy entice him into trying to kick the fucking football. how after years of dealing with lucy's malevolent streak, he would believe her and run up to the football, only to her her pull the damn thing away for the 40 millionth time.

i wonder no more.

every time, every single solitary time i go to best buy for something that is on sale, it is never there. never ever there. i don't buy another single thing, curse the place, and swear i will never step foot there again.

until the next time.

my computer is on the fritz, and since i work from my house, i really need a dependable pc. one that won't eat my novel, my work, etc. BS found one on sale this week at… you guessed it : Best Buy. i went to Best Buy. they moved it from where it once was to this brand-spanking-new building. i must admit, i even had SERVICE. (the crowd says: wooooo!) but, sadly, after the man there told me 6 times that he doesn't work on commission (total number of times i asked him whether he works on commission: 0), he also told me that the only store that still had a computer was in Springfield.

not to be confused with homer simpson's hometown, our springfield is a nightmarish road trip. while distance-wise, it isn't too bad (maybe 15 miles), the place is a driving nightmare. my head hurts thinking about springfield. there is a 10-year-project to fix “the mixing bowl,” the section of highway where 495 meets 395 meets disaster. 10 years. and guess where that is? springfield.

gaah. i hope better luck comes with this sunday's circular.


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