fasting sucks.

i know, i know. there are people out there who periodically fast to cleanse their systems or whatever other fashionable euphemism is used these days. they, of course, really don't fast. they still drink water, or juice, or something. however, it being the holiest day of the year for us RSPs, i am fasting. as in, eating nothing. drinking nothing. indulging in thoughts of why i am such a sorry human being and hoping i will do better next year.

now, anyone who has known me for at least 3 seconds knows that i apologize for everything. i am sorry probably were my first words. i apologize for my mistakes, i apologize for other people's mistakes. i apologize for natural disasters. you name it; it is probably somehow my fault. years of therapy might improve this situation, of course, but i doubt it.

anyway, i am a cranky, hungry SOB. and my BC, who is not fasting, tried to stick a giant blue lollipop in my face a little while ago. i think she was trying to be nice.

i am sorry for refusing it.


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