i believe in peace, bitch

i read this and it brought back an odd memory.

when i was in college (eons ago, in the '80s), i too, had the same aversion to having christ pushed on me in pamphlets on campus, especially since i am a red sea pedestrian (or an RSDenizen, as would put it, which would require that i grow gills and live in the water.) one day, though, i observed something that i found useful later on. a friend, who also hated being pestered by the zealots, was approached by one of the aforementioned freaks. he was pelted with many invasive, religious questions. finally, exasperated, he turned and exclaimed, “jesus was a test tube baby.” i am not sure whether they thought he was insane or they were offended by the statement, but after that, no one bothered him again.


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