why today has been good so far…

10) i have not had to listen to lee greenwood sing “g-d bless the USA”

9) i watched BC run through GapKids, pointing at all the decapitated mannequins, screaming “look, mama, look at the headless baby! look at the headless little boy.” etc. (okay. so i am a little twisted. but so is she.)

8) i've only looked up a few times when i hear planes overhead.

7) BC and I were hysterical as she tried on hats in bloomingdales. ladies hats. a woman who overheard us giggle remarked, “you better watch out for her, mom. she loves fashion.” i informed her that this child is clearly my grandmother reincarnated. she has never met a shoe, dress, or perfume she didn't like. (yet.)

6) we got out of the disney store unscathed AND with a birthday present for leah, to boot.

5) after aforementioned purchase, i found my credit card, which i couldn't find in the disney store and so had to use a different one.

4) we talked to grandma and grandpa, who are both well, wacky, and contemplating travel.

3) BC painted the loveliest watercolor. i couldn't tell you what it is (oops, there go my mommy credentials – i guess i am supposed to be able to know in my heart exactly what everything she creates is), but i love it and i want to frame it.

2) BC is napping. ::Doing Happy Dance::

and the #1 reason why today has been good so far…

1) no one seems to have gotten hurt. to paraphrase those brilliant bards at Faber College (and who out there knows THAT reference?), “peace is good.”


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