today i am in business

today i marched over to the county office to apply for a home occupation permit. no, that is not a permit that allows me to live in my home, but rather it is a permit to allow me to operate a business from my home. i now have an official business number, the right to pay taxes on tangible business property (starting 1/2003), and the right to pay business taxes. considering the amount of money i am making doing freelancing, it looks like i will owe no business taxes this year, although i will have to figure out how to put together a schedule of all my business implements of torture. joy. i had to draw a picture of my house and driveway on a piece of paper to show where i can legally park my car – for business purposes. my tax dollars at work.

since i put in too much money at the parking meter (per usual – i always figure that the county will be less efficient than it is. shockingly, nearly every interaction i have ever had with arlington county has been – well, pleasant. it is as if they hire intelligent and helpful people. what a concept.), i walked over to Cosi for a raspberry cafe au lait. i love those things but rarely have them. it reminded me of the time when we had to suddenly vacate our house and move to a furnished apartment for three months during an unexpected glitch in our home remodeling process. on weekends, i would walk BC in her stroller over to this Cosi and get the aforementioned raspberry cafe au lait. she was just a little over a year old at the time. i loved walking with her there – showing her all the places and hearing all the noises that you can hear when you trot around an urban area. i am getting all weepy now thinking about it, as yesterday, we had a party at her school for all the kids who are moving up into the oldest class – the lions. one of the newest little lions is my very own BC. at a little ceremony, she cried her eyes out when her name was called to come and get her little certificate. all she wanted was daddy. she clung to BS like he was going to evaporate. poor little one. later on, her old teacher asked her why she felt like she had to have “all that drama.” that pretty much sums my new little lion. very dramatic. a fuss for every occasion.

i hope it is just a phase.


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