children know everything. don't ever think they don't

Night Before Last's Pre-Bed Conversation with BC:

BC: “Mommy, who got me my blanky?”
Me: My friend Debby.
BC: Does Debby have a child?
Me: Debbie has 3 children, one of whom is your age.
BC thinks for a minute.
BC: Mommy, Debby's lucky. She has children. Sharon is lucky. She has children. You are unlucky. You have a child.
Me:Trying to hold back the tears that are forming and thankful that the room is dark. I am the luckiest because i have YOU.

This Morning's Chat with BC While in the Bathroom. Appropos of Nothing, I Might Add.

BC: Mommy, what would you do if you had a boy and a girl?
Me: I'd be fine and we'd all be happy.
BC: Mommy, what would you do if you had a girl and another girl?
Me: I'd still be fine and we'd still be all happy.
BC: Thinking. Mommy, what if you had 50-60 boys and girls? How would you get their carseats in the car?”
Me: I don't know, honey. That's a lot of kids to get in the car.
BC:Thinking again. Mommy, what if you had 50-60 kids all at the same time in your tummy?”
Me: Cracking up on the inside. Honey, I don't think that could happen. My tummy is not big enough for that!

BC is on a major baby kick. i am not pregnant, but BC seems to think i should be.

BC is also on a major death kick. last night, she asked me when she and i and her dad will die. as if i somehow possess the certain knowledge of everything. “hopefully not for a long, long time, if we all stay healthy and happy,” was all i could muster.

my little gothic obstetrician.


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