BC and her amazing ears

when we last left our hero, she had one tube out of her ear and one tube still in her ear. we went to the ENT today to see whether girlfriend needed surgery to remove the one tube, which has now been in her ear for over 2.5 years. (eek.) i was already requesting library books, like “Franklin goes to the Hospital” and “Curious George Visits the Hospital,” just in case.

now girlfriend really, really does not like the ENT. ENT is excellent, you should know, but he doesn't exactly always have the best bedside manner with little people – ironic considering his specialty is pediatric otolaryngology. but today, the moon and stars were aligning, and he was nice. last time, she would not open her mouth for ENT to look at her huge tonsil. and she barely was willing to let him look in her ear. in short, during our last visit, she had a meltdown in the office to beat the band.

enter uncle howie. girlfriend told me that when we last visited, he said what a big girl she was and how wonderfully she opened her mouth and let him look in her mouth and ears, and how he wished all of his patients were so brave. so when we went to ENT, she let him look in her ears, just like uncle howie does. and when ENT asked her to open her mouth wide, she did it, just like she would for uncle howie. when ENT asked “is uncle howie a doctor?” i said yep, he is in family practice, and he doesn't think anything needs to happen with her tonsils. and ENT smiled and said “that uncle howie is a smart guy. i agree with him.”

ENT also noted that the tube is now barely hanging on in her ear. rather than put her under anesthesia, he would prefer to wait another 4 months to see whether it will continue on its course out of her ear. he said there is always a risk to her hearing when the tube remains in there, but you have to balance that with the risk of putting her under. he would prefer to not do surgery unless he really has to. so two days after xmas, we go back. yippee.

the news of the day. special thanks to uncle howie, who apparently is helping kira think that doctors are actually nice 🙂 if only all doctors were like uncle howie and all nurses were like aunt karin, it would make my job as a mom a little easier. ::sigh::


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