is civility dead?

we go to a nearby pool club. we are mere august-only members, as we have been on the wait-list for three years now. i figure by the time BC is in college, we will make the full summer list… although i cannot complain much – my next-door neighbor hasn't even made the august-only list, so i suppose i am the one-eyed chick in the land of the blind.

anyway, about this pool club. like everything else in my area, it is full of above-average people with above-average incomes and above-average nerve. lake wobegon's sister city. the part of the pool cordoned off for little people is packed, and yet no grown-ups are looking to see whether their own offspring are going to jump on other kids. in fact, yesterday, one ancient man, who thought it funny to lassoo his 10ish year old daughter (granddaughter? who knows. in my area, people are having kids well into their 40s or so) with a noodle despite the fact that there was barely room to swim, let along flail a giant piece of styrofoam, whacked me in the head and then was annoyed with BS when BS, protesting on my behalf, told the guy to at least take some notice where other people were. i suppose with the number of lawyers present, if i had experienced serious bodily harm, i would not have had to go far to get representation. joy. additionally, someone took our chair yesterday, and i found a drippy little boy sitting on my dry towel. once again today i found a drippy mom sitting on my dry towel. do people even notice that other people have stuff on a seat??

here's a quarter; buy a clue. you need to learn that other people exist in the world, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as you do. there are some rules, and while i am not completely anal-retentive about them, i do firmly believe that some rules exist so that everyone may peacefully coexist. i am getting a little tired of people here who think that rules exist only for others. i am getting annoyed with people who feel it is their birthright do whatever they please, and to hell with the consequences or messes others have to clean up. i am getting pissed over people who let their kids stomp all over my kid because of some alleged manifest destiny bestowed upon their kid at birth. i am getting livid over people who think that their baby doesn't need swim diapers because apparently, the kid's shit really doesn't stink (or contain potentially nasty bacteria.)

why can't people be more like me?


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