i'm baa-aack

be afraid. be very afraid.

we just returned from a week in duck, nc where we rented a house with two other families. we rented the same house last year with the same two other families, and we had such a swell time that we decided to do it again this year. sadly, we won't get to do it ever again, probably, as one of the families is moving to Texas. i highly doubt they will want to caravan-it up to NC just for the beach. very nice folks. i'll miss them very, very much.

anywho, i love the outer banks. it reminds me a bit of the jersey shore – minus the boardwalk – when i was really, really small and MTV didn't have a presence on my beach (AKA Sleaze-side Heights, NJ.) it is relatively clean, and actually extremely quiet except for the assholes two doors down who decided to play with fireworks every evening just as i put my three-year-old to bed. duck is on the northern side of the island, and there is literally one road you can take to get there. when you hit traffic on 12, as you inevitably will, you are best off just to blast your A/C, crank up a good mix tape, and just grin and deal.

grin and deal were my watchwords of the week. i have incredibly attractive-looking stitches in me, and so bodysurfing and hang-gliding were pretty much off-limits. i did get the great news that apparently, they found only fatty tissue in my boob – no tumors, no cancer, just good old fashioned blubber. like i didn't know THAT. the woman from the doctor's office seemed horrified by my fat, but i was thrilled. i mean, hey, i can always lose weight, but can i lose cancer? so i was delirious. but i had to continue to treat myself fairly gingerly, as ripping stitches would have ended my vacation. i really didn't let myself ride waves much until the last day there. but i grinned like an idiot child when i was in the ocean. i am always happiest near the water. i probably was a dolphin, or maybe at least pond scum in another life. (note to self: call up shirley maclaine and ask her if she remembers.) having grown up on the jersey shore, i have never adjusted to the fact that it currently takes me 5+ hours to get to the ocean. i never will, i suppose.

but i swam. i ate. i drank. i put on 3 pounds. i saw BC swim by herself (ok, she had arm floaties on, but still!!) for the first time in my life. i trounced BS and my friend's BS in miniature golf. (well, maybe trounced is a bit strong a word.) i became the walking fast-food restaurant of choice for about a million mosquitos. i didn't sleep much. i even read two books. no one would play trivial pursuit with me (AGAIN!) why do people think that if you are on a game show that you can beat the pants off of them in trivial pursuit? i have only played this version once in my life, and i am quite sure that BS actually won. boo hoo, will someone EVER play trivial pursuit with me? i am really not that smart, you know 😉 .

but you know something? i am glad to be home. now, if i could just move closer to the ocean…


and today's non sequitor: would somebody please send me the talking heads “true stories” soundtrack? purty please?


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