amoxicillin is barf-a-licious, bay bay

just coming up for air today…

BC has strep. two days ago, she woke up and would not eat a thing. she even passed by her favorites, yogurt and blueberries (is this kid ridiculously healthy or WHAT?), so i knew something was not right. by lunchtime, she felt really hot to me. we went out and bought a thermometer since ours decided to poop out on us. i took her temp, and she was 101F. i decided to give her a little kiddie motrin to help me knock down the temp until we visited the nurse practitioner (whom BC LOATHES).


after downing, oh, i dunno, maybe half of her motrin, BC flipped out and decided to reenact a scene from the exorcist. she screamed, she squirmed, she cried her little eyes out (actually, a good sign since she had tears and thus was not dehydrated.) and then, the deluge. what little she had eaten that day, plus some unexpected stomach contents, all came out. i held my hands out to catch the barf — why did i bother?– and keep it off her bed, but in vain. soon, everything had barfy remnants – me, her bed, her blankie, her quilt. so i cleaned her up, sat her on the rocking chair, and proceeded to clean everything else (except myself) up. it was one of those glamourous parenting moments that somehow never shows up in those print ads of glowing, happy children.

anyway, sure as shit, she has strep. we gave her a dose of amoxicillin that night, and she reenacted a more furious version of the day's scary moments. it was horrifying since i could not tell at this point whether it was merely meds hitting an empty stomach (which is now what i think it all was) or an actual medical allergy. i got put on hold at my pediatrician's office, so i finally broke down and called the blue cross nurse line. pretty useless as well. fortunately, after about 15 minutes, BS got her calmed down. i took her on a looooong ride in the car to help her calm down, and then we stopped at baskin robbins for an ice cream. (which, i might add, should also be touted as a wonder drug.) she said she didn't want to go to sleep because she didn't want to throw up in her bed again. why, i asked her? i will just clean it up if you do.

she said, “mommy, i don't want you to get mad at me.”

i felt 1 inch tall. i didn't get mad at her when i had to clean her up earlier, but perhaps my business-like manner in getting everything cleaned up made her think i was pissed off. “honey,” i said, “you can't help getting sick. and as your mommy, i am glad to help you when you need help, and i will clean up you and your bed and anything else if i need to. and i won't be mad. promise.”

fortunately, it never came to that. the next morning, she woke up all smiley. she said, “i feel GOOD, mama!” so tell me, who switched my kid?


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