my sign says "SLOW"

i am sooooooo overtired,

i just literally drove home from the Giant blasting “Don't Mess Around with Jim,” singing at the top of my lungs. yep, and i have a Fatboy Slim CD on the seat beside me, so be careful – i might be sputtering the “Rockafella Skank” next. i scared the people doing roadwork, including the poor lady holding the “SLOW” sign.

today, i should probably be holding the “SLOW” sign.

anyway, BS doesn't like when i write about him, but pooh on him today. i am going to. i am going to tell the world how much i adore him. in spite of his faults (because you know i have none) and foibles (once again, i plead perfection), heehee, he is putting up with me so beautifully. i am not sleeping because i am so,so,so nervous about the biopsy, which won't be happening for over a week. so another week of my joyful self. he must be so thrilled.

but he is patient. extra patient. and kind. and so sweet. please make a note of it.

i am lucky i have the family and friends i have. they tolerate me in spite of myself.


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